The Client Communication App for Financial Professionals

How FastIQ can help you

  • Generates Increased Revenue
  • Instant ROI
  • Brand Empowerment
  • Your Personalised Client Communication App
  • QPOCs: Dramatically increase Quality Points Of Contactwith your clients
Increase value with your client relationship.
Simple to use App, enabling communication with your client.
Anywhere, anytime, every communication.

Five steps towards a more profitable client communication

Step 1

Clients download your company branded App from an app store

Step 2

You or your staff create "call to action" messages, recommendations or general account forms

Step 3

Client grouping function enables you to select which clients receive specific firm communiques

Step 4

Clients instantly receive firm communique on their phone

Step 5

Call to Action function encourages client response

Four features to bring value to your client relationships

Adviser Charting

Scan for stocks using time tested fundamental and technical analysis

Multi Format Attachment

Firm research and recommendations may be attached in numerous formats including PDF, DOC, XLS & PPT, with all communiques

Client Grouping

Easy to use client grouping enables you to group your clients into risk profile/investment goals

Make a Trade

You may choose to allow your clients to trade directly from your communications

Go beyond all your client's expectations

Empower your firm’s communication

  • Generate Increased Revenue
    FastIQ provides you instantROI - with the most advanced order generating and enabling technology available, generate increasedbrokerage as soon as you launch your App.
  • Brand Empowerment
    Technologically, society has shifted - your FastIQ platform enables you to keep abreast of your client communication needs,an urgency for any financial service to remain innovative, relevant and technologicallycompetent.
  • Demographic Spread
    Enables you to access not only yourexisting client base, but a gateway to your next generation of clients.
  • Cost Effective Client Communication
    Phenomenally effectiveclient communication, for as little as $1.30 per client per month.
  • QPOCs
    Increase Quality Points Of Contact with yourclients.