The Client Communication App for Financial Professionals


Generate Increased Revenue
FastIQ provides you instant Return On Investment - with the most advanced order generating and enabling technology available, generate increased brokerage as soon as you launch your App.
Brand Empowerment
Technologically, society has shifted - your FastIQ platform enables you to keep abreast of your client communication needs, an urgency for any financial service to remain innovative, relevant and technologically competent.
Demographic Spread
Enables you to access not only your existing client base, but a gateway to your next generation of clients.
Cost Effective Client Communication
Phenomenally effective client communication, for as little as $1.30 per client per month. Doesn’t require phone calls or emails, and inspires immediate call to action, increasing your returns per client.
Increase Quality Points Of Contact with your clients.
Flexible, Unique, Individualised Client Communication
Our unique sub-grouping technology enables you to categorise recommendations and communications based on client risk profile and investment goals.
Generates Huge Cost Savings
FastIQ doesn’t require additional staff to implement and operate.
Workplace Productivity
Creates increased workplace productivity by providing the tools for your advisers/dealers to be empowered - transcending their more traditional roles, and resulting in an increased capacity to generate brokerage.
70,000 Financial Instruments
Allows your advisers to use state-of-the-art charting, scanning and back testing software, with access to over 70,000 financial instruments including shares, international equities, FX and commodities.
Seamless Integration
FastIQ interconnects seamlessly with, and complements, your existing suite of marketing and client communication, expanding your client interaction horizons.